Friday, August 9, 2013

Design is in the Details.

Hello from South Dakota!  I'm here again and today I want to talk about design details.  The little details that make a room amazing such as crown moulding, trim on draperies, and decorative pillows.  My take on the details is that creating and designing a beautiful space starts with the basics such as walls, ceilings, and baseboards or as we say in the interior design biz "background." Next, selecting furniture and placing it in ways that enhance the energy of the room.  And lastly, choosing the window coverings.  

But at the end of selecting the staples of putting together a room, the details create the design "WOW!" in the room.  For instance, I really love taller base boards.  And a detail I can't live without a dramatic crown moulding to frame the ceiling.  This picture needs no words to describe how the details make this room pop.

When draperies are selected, I believe a trim  makes all the detail difference in the world.  Decorative pillows with a delicate trim or a surprising color on chairs and sofas will take the sofa from pleasant to awe striking. 

Lastly, one detail that is by far one of my favorites is a chain sleeve on any hanging light (there is nothing beautiful about a chain).  Notice how the chain sleeve will take attention away from the chain so you are just noticing the beautiful light.  Any neutral color works best as this is not a design statment. The way to get a chain sleeve on a hanging light is to put it on the chain before the fixture is installed. Follow the instructions on the following tuitorial to make your own  @ or purchase one online. It's a small detail  it's worth the effort!  Delightful!

These little details are the difference that makes the experience of the room completely different than that of a room with just the basics.  Design is truly in the details.  Thank you my fellow design aficionados!  Yours, Joanie