Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Fun

Hi from JM Tassi Design!  I've been so busy working with design clients, it's been a couple weeks since my last blog.  Today, I"m excited to share a new design project on which I've been working.  My clients wanted to create a summer cottage that reminded them of a Norwegian lake home.  The look they created started from the materials they used on the outside all the way into the design details used on the inside of the quaint and beautiful cottage home.  For the exterior, they chose white painted board and bat siding, a red roof, and the detail that I love most, bright yellow doors.  These are the colors commonly used in Norway.  The effect is simply stunning!

As we meander from the garage closer to the cottage, the custom wood screen door invites guests to come inside for a glass of ice tea and a freshly baked sugar cookie.

In keeping with the Norwegian theme, my clients use the same white, yellow, and red colors for everything from paint to accessories.  Imagine having a bite to eat on the yellow plates with the view from the dining area in the cottage. 

The kitchen is always the center of any home and my clients wanted to ensure the kitchen in their cottage home made it easy to create anything from a quick sandwich to enjoy on the lake to a gourmet dinner.  The clean lines and modern fixtures and back splash are in keeping with the true Scandinavian theme.

Family room is designed for comfort when my clients can't be outside.  The design technique used here is bringing in the red couch with yellow accent colors to keep the color scheme consistent from outside to inside the cottage. Absolutely lovely!

The white wood railing and trim accented with Norwegian quilts to the upper story where the two bedrooms are located. The simple, yet elegant, fixtures add the right pop against the clean white background.

When we worked on the guest bathroom, my clients wanted to use their antique dresser to create the vanity.  It's an amazing touch that gives the bathroom an authentic Norwegian feel!

One last peek from inside of the screened-in porch.....

To the view from outside the screen porch!

Thank you for letting me share one of my latest design projects from JM Tassi!  Until next time my design friends.  Yours, Joanie