Friday, May 10, 2013

Creative Painting!

The typical thought process when creating a paint scheme for a room or an entire home can be described in the following way.  First, wall colors are chosen.  Second, ceilings are forgotten as a fifth wall and are painted white.  Third, the trim and baseboards are painted white or stained the same in every room.  Familiar?  Is this the process because we lack imagination or because we are fearful of experimenting?  I'm excited today to share a whole new way to think about a painting scheme for the home.  I think the above process can be thrown out the "window" by creatively using paint.

What do you notice first when you see this photo?


The mill work in the above photo is beautiful.  I love the way the designer makes sure no one misses the architectural details of the trim and thus, it's painted with a soft dark neutral color to really stand out from the wall color.  The contrast stained wood frame inside the painted outside frame is a strong design detail and further emphasises the window as the focal point.

Conversely, in the room below, the wall and trim are the same color!  The choices of this designer makes the tiny room "grow" by painting the walls and trim the same color.  I am fond of this trick and utilize it when there is an element in a room that  is less than desirable but can't be removed. I give it the disappearing act by painting it out the same color as the wall.  Voila!

Instead of disappearing, "Look at me!" screams the uniquely painted mill work in the photo below.  The clean lines of the trim are enhanced with the stunning paint color.  The use of high contrast in a paint scheme creates drama and draws your eyes to notice immediately.  I recommend this paint design technique to cause a happy fuss!

What's behind door number one?  The door at the end of the hallway makes me so curious about what awaits beyond?  Painting doors a color different than the trim color is the perfect opportunity to add spice to an otherwise bland hallway.  Painting the back side another color is magic trick I highly advocate when the same color won't work in the adjoining room.

     By Atmospher Interior Design

Serenity and calm exude from room below.  The monochromatic color scheme details the mill work while the stone fireplace is allowed to take center stage and be the star.   "Less is more" as someone once said and sometimes is the perfect solution to your paint scheme.

When life gives you limes, what do you do?  Paint your window frame. Yes, sir, that is right!  I would probably even invent a reason to do laundry if I could do it in this room.  The thing I love about design work is creating spaces that make a functional room fun.  When paint brings a smile to your face in your workspace at home, it's a good thing.

Have a great week!  I am positive here at One Boxwood Lane, the sun will shine and the birds will sing.  Until next week!  Yours, Joanie

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