Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Step It Up!

One of my favorite architectural elements in the home is the staircase.  The staircase adds dimension and intrigue to a home -- its very presence suggest leading the way to somewhere else.  I consider the staircase important in creating unexpected design detail.  Let's look at six unique ways to step it up with design personality. 

Imagine these steps as a traditional white painted wood.  For me, what makes these stairs is the natural fiber carpet detailed with contrasting banding.  The brass carpet rods continue the contrast between traditional and current to create surprise for all who step up.

I'm really drawn to the neutral paint around these steps and love the way the big carpet color contrast creates major drama.  The carpet pattern adds texture and pizazz to express the personalty of this homeowner.  When I work with my clients, I help them choose and implement the most daring expressions of themselves.

In this picture, the homeowner is creating the drama with the use of contrasting paint colors and the use of varied hard surface materials.  I love the stylish carpet that adds a current as well as timeless beauty for all to see upon entry.

Wow!  In this picture, the bold stripes in the staircase carpet draw both the eye and the foot  -- to not only look -- but walk these steps to the next level.  Imagine the difference if plain white carpet were used on this staircase.  My favorite part of my job is to provide ideas of this caliber to my clients.

Right now, animal print is currently very popular, however, rugged leopard and tiger print has been considered timeless in the design world.  Again the surprising texture and pattern in the carpet softens the space and can be used it to fit into almost any paint scheme.  I can almost feel the fuzzy carpet fibers underneath my feet.


I love the cheery wallpaper in this staircase space.  The thing I'd like to point out about this picture is the carpet.  The neutral carpet grounds the space and would work later down the road if the homeowner decided to change the paper and the feel of this area.  I also love the black paint used on this staircase. 

Looking forward to sharing the things I love about home design next week.  Yours, Joanie

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