Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lipstick and Draperies

Draperies complete the finished look of a room just as lipstick is the finishing touch to your makeup.  Many, many clients are sure they just "love" leaving their windows bare to allow all the light and view from outdoors in.  

Imagine this beautiful model with no lipstick. 

Addressing this window with a fabric the color of the walls provides subtle softness to an otherwise 
harsh backround.  Detailing the leading edge of the drapery adds sophistication to a very simple, practical window treatment.  


The fabric selection for a window treatment may be inspiration for the scheme of the entire room.  What would you think of the room below if there were no draperies?   Notice the entire window is uncoverd, allowing for light and view to be unobstructed.  

Beautiful fabric designed as a focal point of a room can take a space from boaring to fabulous.  The drapery design and use of color blocking says "look at me".  When a space has little architectural detail to start with, try creating interest with draperies.  

There are some windows that are very difficult to treat and this is an example of one such window. This bedroom certainly requires privacy and the selected treatment offers just that.  Open, it allows for light and view during the day and closed it offers sun protection and privacy when desired.

Choice of fabric and design style factor into creating timeless a window treatment.  Neutral fabric and classic design, make the draperies below a nice backround for limitless changes far into the future. Paint color, floor covering, upholstery fabric, and accessories could all be changed around the camel linen pleated draperies.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

So You Thought Brass Was Out

For the past decade we have been told that brass is taboo.  Every client was sure she must replace her brass chandelier or brass hardware, for goodness sakes,  with something silver toned. 


Brass is back on the scene.  Start noticing as you peruse your monthly shelter magazines how many designers are embracing the warm toned metals.  Not coincidentally, yellow gold is back in vogue for jewelry.    

The classic parson's table in a goldtone finish is fabulous.  The warmth of it's  finish is a great compliment to the color of the walls and woodtones of the room.  Notice the drapery hardware and the legs on the accent tables.

Mixing metals is always a good design decision.  The black drapery hardware works very well with the antiqued gold tones of the drawer pulls on the chest and the gold frame headboard.

Don't be afraid to use gold tones with grays and taupes. The gold tones of the ceiling lighting is an unexpectected surprise and is quite lovely.


Select your finishes as you would any other detail in your room.  Don't get pinned down to what seems to be on trend or the most abundant and available.  Classic design is always good design and not always the most current trend.