Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daring to go all white.

One of the latest design trends is the "all white room" or "all white home".  To create a successful white interior, here are a few tips that will help you transform a boring sterile space into a thing of beauty.
There's no such thing as a "neutral white". Every neutral has an undertone and white is no exception.  It's best to combine whites that come from the same color family, as all whites DON'T  go together. The bathroom above uses whites with a gray undertone.
Creamy whites were used in the family room above.  Combining various shades of white sharing the same undertone creates a warm, cozy space.   Notice how the wood tones in the floor and the door have the same warm tone.   All of the textures of fabric, wood, stone, and ceramic, adds dimension and depth to the scheme, making it very pleasing and interesting.

Test shades of white on the ceiling, walls, and floors before you commit totally.  Whites will look different depending on your light source.  Color will change as the light in the room changes.  Natural light differs from artificial light. Imagine how much the colors will change in this hallway when the natural light from the big window opposite the bench is gone and the room is lit by artificial lighting.

What is the undertone of the white used in this bedroom?  Comment on this post if you think you know.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Break Out The Lights

Why settle for a  mundane light fixtures rather than an exciting, beautiful fixture that breaks free from the norm. Bringing in an interesting light fixture can add an upexpected element to a room and can make a good design great.

Would you think to hang one of these fixtures over your dining table or desk? Enough luminance for the table surface is a concern but that doesn't mean the fixtures have to be unattractive. These fixtures are very functional and eye-catching.      
The entry is where the first impression of a home is made so introducing a unique light fixture can be very inviting and set the tone for the rest of the home.

Changing out a light fixture is such a simple way to change the entire feel of a room. So do these fixtures inspire you to change out some of the fixtures in your own home?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Accent the Ceiling

 Ceilings are often painted "ceiling white" to help reflect light in a space but if the space has plenty of light  why not look for a color outside the box?
 Think of the ceiling as the "fifth wall" in any space.  Check out this bright yellow ceiling.
While it is not uncommon to see blue painted porch ceilings, this shade of blue is much brighter than typically seen. The white walls used in contrast to the blue ceiling and floor creates a stunning look.

White crown molding defines the ceiling from the walls contributing to the sophisticated feel of this dining room. 
 Deep gray ceiling and crisp white walls creates a very dramatic effect. The reflective quality of the paint application keeps the room from looking dark or dreary when pairing it with good lighting, contrasting light wall colors, and mirrors.
So if you had a chance to go bold and paint your ceiling a different color, what would you choose?